The Secret Life of a Secret Procrastinator

By Maddie Caso ’17

Most people see me in Founders lounge with my feet propped up on the coffee table in the lounge, hot chocolate in hand, and laptop open, my fingers clicking away on the keys.  And most people would assume that the telltale sound of keys on the keyboard means I am doing some kind of work for the seven classes I decided to take my last semester as an undergraduate.

I hate to shatter the illusion that has been created, but this is unfortunately not the case, as much as I wish it were.  Over the last four years I have carefully projected the image of a person always doing something, always working, always moving forward, always, always, always.  Instead I live and work in a world rarely spoken of, one of secret procrastination: here, I hide behind my computer screen and several stacks of books surrounding me, making people think I’m doing work, when I might really be scrolling through tumblr, reading a news article, or watching a video on YouTube.

I never intended to live in this world, truly.  I will graduate with honors, have been accepted into graduate school, and will have taken nine semester’s worthImage result for procrastination of classes in the eight that I’ve been at Juniata College.  By all rights, I should not be a procrastinator, and yet somehow I ended up being a person who doesn’t do my work when I should.

I know I’m procrastinating and that I shouldn’t because I am taking seven classes and working with several professors on important projects, projects that I am invested in and want to see through to the end.  I don’t want to disappoint the people I’m working with, so when I do sit down and work, I work as hard as I can, knowing that it is valuable to people, including myself.

Because I live in a world of secret procrastination, there isn’t anyone to tell me not to procrastinate.  And that’s the catch: I’m the only one that can stop my procrastinating ways because I’m a secret procrastinator that doesn’t want people to know about my procrastination problem, hence the secret procrastination.